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Chlosoup Earrings

Trapezoid Flower Field Earrings

Trapezoid Flower Field Earrings

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Handmade flower field trapezoid earrings! Each leaf and flower has been individually placed to create these fields!

Weight and size may vary slightly

WEIGHT: 3.9 grams

WIDTH: 3.25 cm

HEIGHT: 6 cm


[Visual description: Two trapezoid earrings. The earrings are studs, with the stud being made of a smaller, upside-down trapezoid. The bottom, larger trapezoid has the design of a field of flowers. There are yellow, red, blue, orange, and purple flowers. Behind the flowers, and continuing onto the top, smaller trapezoid, is a cherry blossom tree, and a normal tree with green leaves. A blue sky is just barely peaking out behind these trees. The earrings are on a white earring card with the Chlosoup logo on the top of the card. The background is a garden set, with a white picket fence in front of a rose bush with a blue cloudy sky.]

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