• I was given a discount code in my order and now it isn't working, what's wrong?

Recently, the shop has moved website hosts, and unfortunately all discount codes were lost. If you received a special discount code in your order, please reach out and let us know so we can recreate it here for you!

  • My package said it's been delivered but it's not arrived where I ordered it to. What can you do?

If your package tracking says delivered but isn't there, please contact your local USPS first! If you live in an apartment, check your leasing office or mailbox. If you chose a non-USPS shipping option, then check with that shipping provider. You can check which shipping option you chose in your order confirmation email. We do not send out replacement packages if your tracking says delivered because people may lie about having packages go missing to get free earrings. If your tracking does not say delivered and has been proven to be lost in transit, we will replace it because we can see that it hasn't been delivered to you. If your package has been stolen or misplaced upon delivery, we will provide you with a discount code for future orders if you let us know what has happened, but unfortunately once the package leaves our hands at the post office, it's at the mercy of your chosen shipping provider and we cannot guarantee what happens to it. 


  • What are the earrings made out of?

All the earrings are made with polymer clay, gloss, and mediums for painting and shading. The only earrings not made with polymer clay are the Squishy Strawberry Earrings which are made with foam! Though the polymer clay we use is strong, thinner parts of the earrings such as leaves on fruit can be broken easier if they are mishandled/dropped! This can always be fixed with a bit of super glue!

  • What are the ear wires made out of?

The ear wires we use are sterling 925 silver. This metal is hypoallergenic and will not stain/irritate the skin. Because the ear wires are sterling silver, part of the price you pay for the earrings includes the sterling silver ear wires. And yes, these wires are nickel free! You can also choose to have silver plated clip-on ear wires if your ears are not pierced, however these are only plated with silver and will oxidize over time with more wears!

  • Why do some earrings cost more than others?

The variation in price between earrings is decided by the amount of time taken to make them, the amount of product they need, and what we think the value of the end product is! 

  • If I live in Cayman how can I purchase earrings?

For anyone living in Grand Cayman, you can purchase products regularly using a credit card or PayPal. You can either receive them using a mail forwarder, or by having them sent directly to Cayman. There are still some earrings left in Cayman if you would like to purchase them on island! We will try to send as many new pairs back to Cayman as we can to make it easier for people in Cayman to purchase them. If you choose to purchase them in person, you can participate in the buy 3 get 4th free deal in store. 

What are your deals/sales?

  • For those in Cayman if you buy in store, you can get your 4th item free if you buy more than 3 items.

  • If you post a picture wearing the earrings and tag the business account @chlosoupearrings , or if you leave a review with the name on your order, you will be emailed/private messaged a 10% off code!

To get free shipping...

  • For those in the United States, any order over $75 has free shipping if you use the code FREESHIP.

  • For those in Canada, the UK and Ireland, any order over $100 has free shipping if you use the code FREESHIP2.

To get more discounts...

  • We often run holiday sales or sales just for fun, so stay tuned and follow my Instagram to keep updated with new product releases and new deals! Or you can join our mailing list at the bottom of any page to keep up to date with new sales and deals!

  • How long will it take for my item to be shipped to me? How much does it cost?

If you have any questions concerning shipping, please visit the shipping info page to answer any questions you may have!

  • If I want a refund on damaged products, will I receive a refund on shipping, taxes and/or customs fees?

No. If you receive a refund you will be refunded for the total amount of product purchased. The charges for shipping have already been paid and used and we cannot un-ship your item which is why shipping is not refunded. This also applies to sales tax and customs fees as we are not in direct control of either.