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Chlosoup Earrings

Stud & Dangle Rainbow Cloud Earrings

Stud & Dangle Rainbow Cloud Earrings

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Handmade stud and dangle rainbow cloud earrings! Each rainbow and rainbow stud is handmade with a polymer clay rainbow cane! Each earring is different as they are cut from a slab, but each earring has at least one rainbow with clouds! Some earrings have bits and pieces of other rainbows and other clouds on them. These earrings are a real statement piece and are a great accessory for any color lover!

Weight and size may vary slightly

WEIGHT: 3 grams

WIDTH: 1  inch

LENGTH: 1 inch

THICKNESS: 0.15 inches

[Visual Description: Rainbow cloud earrings. Two flat sky-blue circles made of polymer clay. On each circle, there are rainbows with clouds on the end of each rainbow. The stud is a rainbow circle, with red on the outermost edge and purple in the middle. Each stud attaches to the dangly part of the earring, which is the blue circle with the rainbpws. These earrings are cut from a slab which means each earring has a slightly different pattern and layout. All the rainbows with their clouds are flat but are raised off the surface of the flat blue circles. The earrings are on a white earring card with the Chlosoup logo on the top of the card. The background is a pink fabric.]

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