Snowman Ice Cream Earrings
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Snowman Ice Cream Earrings

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Handmade miniature snowman ice creams! Each snowman has little chocolate buttons going down it's belly and as it's eyes and mouth - along with an orange button nose! To keep warm, each snowman has a little cozy blue scarf!


Weight and size may vary slightly

WEIGHT: 3 grams

WIDTH: 1 inch

LENGTH: 1 inch

THICKNESS: 0.25 inches 

[Visual Description: Two miniature snowman ice creams. Each ice cream cone has 2 little vanilla scoops on top that make up the snowman. The snowman is wearing a blue scarf and has dark brown button eyes and a mouth made of the buttons. Each snowman also has buttons going down it's belly. Each snowman has a little orange button nose. The earrings are on a brown earring card and the background is a red fabric.]

Customer Reviews

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Winter time icecreams

First of all this idea is genius and well executed. I wish these were a real ice cream I could eat in the winter time lol

Super Cute Snowman Ice Cream Earrings

I absolutely love my new snowman ice cream earrings! They're super cute and well made, and shipping was so fast I got them just in time to wear for the holidays. Will definitely be purchasing more earrings in the future :)

Excellent Jewelry

I bought these earrings after being lucky enough to catch them in stock! They're beautiful, excellent quality, and they arrived very quickly! I would definitely buy again.