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Chlosoup Earrings

SET OF 3 - Holiday Pillsbury Inspired Sugar Cookie Earrings

SET OF 3 - Holiday Pillsbury Inspired Sugar Cookie Earrings

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Handmade miniature holiday Pillsbury inspired sugar cookie earrings. Each earring is made from a cookie cane and is textured to look like a cookie. Each cookie is shaded on the edges to look perfectly baked. These earrings are not textured on the bottom side, and are sealed with a satin glaze.

Buying all 3 cookies as a set is 10% less than adding them to your cart individually!

Weight and size may vary slightly

WEIGHT: 4 grams

WIDTH: 1 inch

LENGTH: 1 inch

THICKNESS: 0.25 inches


[Visual Description: Three sets of two miniature Pillsbury inspired sugar cookies. The first cookies are the Christmas tree cookies, which are flat and have a Christmas tree in the middle. The Christmas tree has round red ornaments on it, with a red star on top. The second cookies are the reindeer cookies, which are flat and have a reindeer in the middle. The reindeer and its antlers are brown. The reindeer has two white eyes with a small brown pupil at the bottom, and a big white nose. The reindeer has a red smile and red on the inside of its ears. The third cookies are the snowman cookies which are flat and have a snowman's face in the middle, surrounded by red on both sides. The snowman is wearing a brown hat with a white stripe. The snowman's eyes and mouth are brown, and he has a red nose. On both sides of the snowman's face there is some red, which put all together makes a circle surrounded by white which is the outside of the cookie. The earrings are on a brown earring card. The background is a red fabric.]

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