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Rosy Maple Moth Earrings
Rosy Maple Moth Earrings
Rosy Maple Moth Earrings
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Rosy Maple Moth Earrings

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Handmade rosy maple moth earrings! These rosy maple moths are made with polymer clay! On the backside of the moth is a yellow and pink fuzzy textured oval and the flat, untextured and unpainted side of the wings. The earrings are oriented on their wires to face forward while being worn, but may turn with movement. These rosy maple moths have tiny eyes on the back as well!

DISCLAIMER: The moth antennae are made with pipe cleaners, and the tips of these pipe cleaners even with the length of jump rings/chain may touch your ears during wear!

FRAGILE: These earrings should be handled with care! Polymer clay is pretty resilient, but as the wings are rather thin, please keep that in mind when storing them! 

Weight and size may vary slightly

WEIGHT: 3.6 grams

WIDTH: 5 cm

HEIGHT: 3.5 cm


[Visual description: Two rosy maple moth earrings. The rosy maple moths are facing forward with their wings open to show the pattern on them. The top wings of the moth are yellow, with pink on the outer and inner edges of each wing. The bottom wings are also yellow with pink only on the bottom edge of the wing. The body of the moth is yellow, with a small pink and yellow fluffy underside with two black eyeballs on the pink part of the moths body. The earrings are on a white Chlosoup earring card and the background is purple paper shred.]

Customer Reviews

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Literally so in love there are no words

I've been stalking Chlosoup's website for weeks to get a hold of a pair from them LMAO they sell out so fast! I finally got lucky and I'm so in love with them! They're so well made, and the lil letter and treats it came with literally melted my heart. Everybody else loves them too! I keep getting compliments:) Can't wait to buy more!


Super cute and obviously made with love and care 💖💖💖