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Chlosoup Earrings

Rainbow Gumdrop Gingerbread House Earrings

Rainbow Gumdrop Gingerbread House Earrings

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Handmade miniature gingerbread house earrings. These gingerbread house earrings take about 5-6 bakes to be completed, so that each little detail can be added carefully. Each wall and roof piece is hand cut, shaded, textured, and assembled like a real gingerbread house. Each gingerbread house has a frosted roof lined with various rainbow gumdrops covered in fake sugar. The handle for the frosted door is a mini red candy, and each gingerbread house has a little window with a gumdrop windowsill above the door to welcome you in. On the edge of each wall there is a frosted siding, and a delicious frosting bottom with a gumdrop pathway. The bottom of the gingerbread house is not frosted.

These gingerbread houses are delicately made, and although can be dropped from a good height with no damage, they should be handled gently.

If you have sensitive ears or do not often wear heavier earrings, you may find these earrings uncomfortable. Although they are hollow on the inside, the walls of the gingerbread house are thick to keep it sturdy. 

Weight and size may vary slightly

WEIGHT: 5 grams

WIDTH: 1.25 inches

LENGTH: 1.25 inch



[Visual Description: Two miniature gingerbread houses. Each gingerbread house has a roof lined with frosting, and has miniature candy cane poles lining each corner. The gingerbread house has a frosted door on the front, adorned with a mini peppermint doorknob, and two miniature windows beside it. On top of the door and windows in a little green wreath with a red bow. The sides of the gingerbread house have a singular window, with a semi-circle window on the back. Each gingerbread house has a frosted roof with 9 gumdrops on each side, that are covered in fake sugar. The gumdrops alternate between red and green. The earrings are on a brown earring card. The background is a red fabric.]

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