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Chlosoup Earrings

Dreidel Sugar Cookie Earrings

Dreidel Sugar Cookie Earrings

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Handmade miniature dreidel sugar cookie earrings. Just like spinning a real dreidel, each dreidel sugar cookie has a random letter on it! If you order more than one pair, we'll try to make sure you have a variety in what dreidel cookie earrings you receive!

Weight and size may vary slightly

WEIGHT: 1.5 grams

WIDTH: 3.6 cm

LENGTH: 2 cm



[Visual Description: Two miniature dreidel sugar cookies. The cookie is a light golden color and is shaped like a dreidel. Each dreidel cookie has blue frosting that follows the dreidel shape of the cookie, and is topped with white frosting spelled out the various letters of the Hebrew alphabet that are found on dreidels. The earrings are on a white Chlosoup earring card. The background is blue paper shred.]

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