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Chlosoup Earrings

Cherry P-EYE Earrings

Cherry P-EYE Earrings

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Handmade cherry p-EYE earrings! Each pie slice is filled to the crust with eyeballs! Each pie has brown, blue, and green eyes! Between each eye is a delicious bloo- cherry filling. 

Weight and size may vary slightly

WEIGHT: 3.6 grams

WIDTH: 2 cm

LENGTH: 2.5 cm


[Visual Description: Two miniature cherry p-EYE earrings. The pies have a lattice crust and are filled with eyeballs. The eyeballs are brown, blue, and green, and have a bloody filling between them. The eyeballs are also coming through the lattice crust. The earrings are on a brown earring card. The background has white spiderweb material over an orange fabric.]

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