Carrot Cake Slice Earrings
Carrot Cake Slice Earrings
Carrot Cake Slice Earrings
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Carrot Cake Slice Earrings

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Handmade miniature carrot cake slices! Each carrot cake slice is covered in thick icing with a candy carrot on top! These carrot cakes have a pecan coating on the back!

Weight and size may vary slightly

WEIGHT: 3.7 grams

WIDTH: 1.5 cm

LENGTH: 2 cm


[Visual Description: Two miniature carrot cake slices. The carrot cakes are textured on the sides, with a thick frosting between the two layers and on the top and outside. The frosting is a light creamy-white. On top of the cakes is a candy carrot. The earrings are on a white Chlosoup earring card. The background is a haunted graveyard scene with tombstones and a zombie hand reaching out from the ground, with a haunted house and large tree in the distance.]

Customer Reviews

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Carrot Cake

Cutest earrings I own! Very detailed & finely made!

Best cake flavor!

Not only is carrot cake my favorite flavor but now I can wear it any time I want! These aren't just October themed earrings, they're great year round for fall, Easter, etc. These are so realistic looking! The cake is super shiny and the frosting looks like it will melt if left in the sun for too long! There is so much detail that goes into these earrings and I am obsessed. I didn't notice in the photos but the sides have the tiniest little slices of almonds. Every single detail is just so perfect!

Ruth Velazquez
Absolutely lovely

Always love Chloe’s earrings! These lil cakes are so realistic looking, my friends all loved them!

Elizabeth M

So detailed! They really look like cake!! Very light on the ears!!