Blueberry Bunch Earrings
Blueberry Bunch Earrings
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Blueberry Bunch Earrings

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Handmade blueberry bunch earrings, made with polymer clay! These earrings come with 5 life sized blueberries and 3 little leaves on each earring. These earrings are very light for their size! All the blueberries and leaves can jingle freely.

Weight and size may vary slightly

WEIGHT: 6 grams

WIDTH: 1.5 inches

HEIGHT: 2 inches

THICKNESS: 2 inches

[Visual description: Two pairs of blueberry bunch earrings. Each earring has 5 realistic life size blueberries made of polymer clay hanging from a chain down the middle, with 3 leaves placed randomly beside them. The earrings are placed in a pink jewellery box with a black velvet pad inside. The background is white.]



Customer Reviews

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Excellency >:)

I have all types of earrings and these ones are so realistic, I feel like i’m actually wearing fruits. I always gets compliments from people when I’m wearing them. Gonna buy them again for my cousin bc of how much she loved them. 18/10

my granddaughter loves them

I bought these as a gift for my sweet granddaughter Rebecca, since she dyed her hair blue as a sign of solidarity in support of her new blue lifestyle. 😉 She absolutely adored them and wears them almost every day. I love getting her "selfies" even more now!

Cool but...

I really appreciated the punctual and polite customer service when I had trouble with the website but the earrings were slightly disappointing. The post fell out on the first try-on after I gifted them to a friend. We figured out how to get it back in so she could wear it but it seemed too soon for this to happen. The look is neat enough, the weight is significant.