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Blue Hedgehog Ice Cream Pop Earrings
Blue Hedgehog Ice Cream Pop Earrings
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Blue Hedgehog Ice Cream Pop Earrings

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Handmade Blue Hedgehog ice cream pops! Inspired by the popular ice cream truck treat. These earrings are handmade with polymer clay and are made with real popsicle sticks! The eyes on each Blue Hedgehog may either be perfect, or wonky - just like the real thing!

Weight and size may vary slightly


WEIGHT: 1.5 grams

WIDTH: 2 cm

LENGTH: 2.5 cm

THICKNESS: 0.25 cm


WEIGHT: 3.3 grams

WIDTH: 3 cm

LENGTH: 3 cm

THICKNESS:  0.5 cm

[Visual Description: Two miniature ice cream pops. The ice cream pops are character pops designed to look like a popular Blue Hedgehog. The pops are flat, but shaped to look like a 2D Blue Hedgehog. The ice cream pop is blue, white, and beige. The eyes are green and stick out from the surface like the gumball eyes on the real ice cream pops. The ice cream pops have a real miniature popsicle stick coming out of the bottom. The earrings are on a white Chlosoup earring card and the background is pink, blue, and yellow paper shred.]

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I cannot say enough good things about these earrings! They're so cute and they aren't heavy, so my ears don't hurt after wearing them! I've had so many people stare at them and ask me where I've gotten them and that should go to show how talented Chlo is!

Jenna Harmeyer

When I first saw Chlosoup earrings on my Twitter timeline, I fell in love and it began my obsession with handmade/clay earrings :) I’ve tried to buy a few pairs but they sold out so quickly (yay! let’s go small businesses!) I was so excited when I managed to snag the Sonic Ice Cream Treat earrings and I was not let down at all! The detail and quality is unmatched! Probably the best pair I own! I really hope to buy many more in the future!

Lisa Shaffer
Funky Little Dudes

These earrings are maybe one of my favorite items I own. They're excellent quality, look great, and send a shot of serotonin straight to my brain. Absolutely stellar gentlemen

Serina Acosta
Love em

I finally have some gorgeous sanic earrings. They are even better in person

Carlye Luman

They came in a cute lil package with extra goodies. The earrings themselves were SO ADORABLE. Im not pierced so I use clip ons, and the clips Chlosoup uses are adjustable so they aren't pinching my ears too tightly which I really love :)