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Chlosoup Earrings

Beef Ravioli Earrings

Beef Ravioli Earrings

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Handmade beefy ravioli earrings! Of each pair, one ravioli has a bite taken out of it exposing the filling inside! These raviolis are sauced on both sides!

Weight and size may vary slightly

WEIGHT: 3.5 grams

WIDTH: 4 cm

LENGTH: 4 cm


[Visual Description: Two miniature raviolis. The raviolis are hanging on the ear wire from a corner, so they resemble a diamond when dangling from the ear wire. One of the raviolis has a bite taken out, exposing the meat filling inside. The raviolis are covered in a red sauce and sprinkled with fake chopped parsley. The earrings are on a white earring card with the Chlosoup logo on the top of the card. The background is a kitchen scene, with Spanish tile flooring, white cabinets with forest green countertops, a window adorned with an orange gingham curtain, and shelves with plants, pots and pans and jars of jam. On the counter there is a toaster, knife block, wine bottles, and a paper towel holder.]

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