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  • Where is my package?
We know just as much as you do when it comes to package location! As soon as your order leaves our hands at the post office, it becomes the responsibility of the postal service and we cannot guarantee what happens to it or how quickly it will get to you. Your tracking link is automatically emailed to you as soon as your shipping label is purchased, so check your email for your tracking link to see where your package is!

  • I was not emailed my tracking link.

All tracking links are automatically sent to you when your shipping label is purchased. Please be sure to check your spam folders or to make sure that your order was purchased with the correct email (if your email was misspelled at checkout for example, you will then not receive your confirmation email or tracking link). If you believe you have accidentally deleted your tracking email, or entered your email incorrectly while ordering, email us the name and address the package is being sent to and we can send you your tracking link.

  • Why is shipping so expensive?

Please understand that we do not control how much your shipping costs. Shipping prices fluctuate with time and we have no control over the price of your shipping, especially on international orders.

  • Why are my customs fees so much?

As someone who grew up outside of the US, I completely understand how frustrating customs fees are. Please understand that when you purchase from the US while living abroad, you will receive customs fees. All the money you are charged in customs fees goes to your government, not to us. We make no money from your customs fees and are in no control of how much they cost.

  • Why does my package say pre-shipment?

There are two reasons for this. As soon as your shipping label is purchased, you are automatically emailed your tracking link. We generally drop packages off a few hours to 2 days after your label was purchased. Pre-shipment just means that your package hasn't been scanned yet at the post office.

The second reason is sometimes your package is improperly scanned at the post office, or they simply haven't gotten to scanning your package yet once it's been dropped off. Your package will still get to you, it may just be a few days before you receive any updates.

  • Why is my shipping taking so long?
We are unfortunately not in control of how quickly your package gets to you once we drop it off. With covid as well, there have been countless mail slowdowns and we are one of the hundreds of thousands of small businesses struggling to get our customers their items on time. Please understand that we're frustrated about this too, but there's nothing we can do. If your tracking has not updated for several days, please contact your local post office or USPS to resolve this. Again, we unfortunately have no control over packages once we drop them off. 


  • Please allow up to 1 week of processing time for your order. We generally ship packages out within 3 business days but sometimes it can take up to a week. 
  • All shipping rates are automatically generated based on your location, with a built in cost to cover the packaging of your items. If you feel that any shipping rate is "too expensive", please understand that we are not in control of how much the shipping costs, and that we keep packaging costs to the bare minimum to provide the cheapest shipping that we can as a small business! 
  • Any and all customs fees that may occur are the responsibility of the buyer. Please understand that we don’t benefit from any customs charges you may receive.
  • Please understand that once a package has been shipped, we are not responsible for what happens to it! If your product comes broken or damaged we are more than happy to replace or refund it, but we will not replace or refund orders if you accidentally put the wrong address, if you ordered the wrong item, or if you moved before your package arrived. However we do offer discount codes for these situations if you would like to reach out!



  • Orders can take up to one week to be fulfilled and sent out to you. Please wait these 7 business days before reaching out to ask about the status of your order!
  • We do not reimburse customs fees, as we are not in control of them and do not benefit from them. The rate for your customs fees are chosen by your country and we cannot lower these fees. Any international package you receive will be charged customs fees and it is an unfortunate inevitability when shopping overseas. We appreciate all of our overseas orders, but please understand that we do not reimburse customs fees for these reasons.
  • We do not reimburse shipping costs on returned or refunded items. This money has already been spent to mail your package, and we do not benefit from it. 
  • If your package's tracking has not updated in 4 weeks, please reach out to us to let us know. Please wait these 4 weeks before reaching out about lost packages. Because of the chaos going on within the USPS currently, delayed packages have become a normality and if your package has not updated in 1-3 weeks there is a chance that it is still on it's way. This 4 week mark starts on the day of your last tracking update, not the date that your package was shipped. If your package is lost we can refund this purchase for you, but do require proof via tracking link that your order has indeed become lost.
  • We send out all of our packages in good condition, but because of how they are handled in shipping, the box may become damaged or dirty. As long as your items inside your order have not become damaged, there are no refunds or discount codes provided for damaged boxes. We hate them as much as you do!
  • If your items have arrived damaged (you must contact us either on the day of or the day after delivery to ensure that this was actually caused by shipping), we can replace or refund them for you depending on the condition of the items and what you would prefer. We have shop policies as well concerning refunds and returns. We do not refund shipping costs.
  • If items are stolen, there is unfortunately not much we can do. We have experienced situations where people have lied about their orders being stolen in order to receive refunds, so please understand that as a small business we are wary in these situations. We can provide discount codes, replacement items, or refunds in very specific cases. We urge anyone who believes their package has been stolen to

- Contact their local post office to ensure there wasn't an error during delivery.

- Ask around their neighborhood or apartment building to make sure it wasn't delivered to the wrong person.

- Check all areas they can receive mail like a mail box, front or back doors, mail centers or reception areas for apartments.

- Wait several days to ensure that the package was truly stolen and not marked as delivered before delivery.

Please make sure that you have checked around to guarantee your package was stolen instead of misplaced before contacting about a lost package! After these steps have been taken, let us know and we can figure out what to do!