Shop Policies







If you would like to receive a refund for your product - it must be returned to us. We will provide you with a free return label that you can print out and tape to your box to take to the post office or to leave in your mailbox. If you do not have a printer or access to one, we can mail you the return label that you can peel and stick onto your package. If mailed to you, your label will take about 3-7 days to arrive given there are no delays in delivery.

Unless the item has become damaged in shipping to the point it cannot be reasonably fixed and/or is unwearable, we require returns to issue refunds to ensure that the product is not kept and worn for free.

If an item has become damaged 7 days after delivery by being dropped or crushed, we do not provide returns. Because our items are all handmade, they need to be handled with care. Because of this, we do not provide refunds on items past this 7 day limit. We do however accept returns regardless of order date, and will fix them and send them back to you for free.



Due to the cost of shipping internationally, and needing products returned to refund them, we do not provide refunds for international orders. However, we can offer shop credit for an item of equal value, or discounts.

 Important note: Each customer can only receive a full refund one time. This is to prevent people from claiming each of their orders have been lost or misplaced to continually receive full refunds. 




- If there are any preference issues with weight or size, as this information is listed on each product on the shop and is available prior to purchase. Each person prefers a different weight or size for their earrings, which is why we mention it in bold on all product listings.

- If they were lost after being safely delivered. We do not issue refunds if earrings are misplaced.

- No refunds are issued for any earrings after 60 days from delivery. However, we always want to make sure everyone is happy with their earrings, and are here to help solve and issues you may have with your earrings, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any problems with your earrings!

- The earrings look slightly different than the product photo. Each pair of earrings is handmade and will have slight variations, however over the years we've made sure that each product is as consistent as possible, and we retake photos for restocks even if the product is the same to ensure the pictures are accurate. However, if you are unhappy with your earrings in anyway, please contact us so we can figure out the best solution!

- If the earrings have been damaged after delivery. Most things can and will break if dropped or crushed, and our earrings are no different! We perform drop tests with our earrings to ensure they can still handle a drop, but smaller and more fragile pieces may break if dropped or crushed. For our earrings with particularly fragile pieces this is mentioned in bold in the product description. We do however gladly accept returns on broken items and will fix them for you for free if you let us know what's happened!

- If there are any visible fingerprints or small irregularities. We sand down the majority of our earrings and wipe them prior to baking to reduce any and all fingerprints and/or specks we can see, however if there is a partially visible fingerprint on the earring or a few small specks, they will not be refunded. As the earrings are handmade, there can sometimes be small fingerprints or irregularities visible. We have not had any requests for this on our shop personally, but have seen this occur with some of our shop owner friends, and would like to make clear that this is not something we will issue refunds for. However, if you are unhappy with your earrings in anyway, please let us know so we can help solve the issue and come to a solution!

- Lost or stolen packages. Once we drop off a package, it becomes the responsibility of your chosen shipping carrier. If you believe your package has become lost or stolen, contact your local post office or file a claim with your chosen shipping provider!





We generally take 3-6 business days to pack and ship your order. All tracking numbers are automatically emailed to you when your label is purchased. If you believe you have not received your tracking information after 3-6 days, please check your spam folder. Because we buy your label about 2 days after purchase, you should automatically get your tracking email unless the email entered at checkout is incorrect. If there are any delays in package drop-off due to weather or any unforeseen circumstances, we will notify you either in the tracking email (when this is done, we add a special notice to the subject line) or in a normal email. Make sure to go into your email's settings so that and do not get marked as spam!

When it comes to shipping, your package becomes the responsibility of the shipping provider you chose after it is dropped of with them. We cannot locate a package that has had its tracking not update, and we cannot locate lost packages. If your tracking has not updated in several days, if you have had a delivery error, or any other issue related to shipping and tracking, please contact your local post office or file a claim with the shipping provider chosen for your order. Please know that if we are contacted about these issues, the best we can do is recommend those same things to you because once we drop off your package, we cannot guarantee or know for certain what happens to it.

If your order tracking says delivered but you did not receive your package, please contact your local post office. Unfortunately for stolen packages this is something out of our control. Because the tracking says delivered, we cannot guarantee whether or not you have not received your package. I've had this error happen to myself many times, and I understand that the majority of people are not trying to take advantage of small businesses, but we do not provide refunds or returns on items that have been stolen or marked as delivered when they have not been delivered to prevent anyone from receiving extra product for free. We recommend filing a claim with your shipping provider to find for certain what has happened with your package.

Though we do not provide refunds on shipping-related issues, please feel free to reach out to us if you ever find that you're experiencing one, and we can work our either providing shop credits or discount codes.




We accept returns for fixing damaged items and sending them back to you. For sanitary reasons, we do not resell any returned earrings, and they are thrown away. Because of this, we only accept returns for items being sent back to you directly, or for items that have been significantly damaged to the point they could not be reasonably worn. If your item has become damaged in shipping we will fix the item for you for free and send it back to you. We will send you the free return label for you to print and tape to your package, or mail it to you if you do not have access to a printer. If mailed to you, your label will take about 3-7 days to arrive if you are within the US. 



Similarly mentioned in the refunds portion of our policies, due to the higher costs of shipping internationally, we generally do not accept returns. If you would like to return a pair for them to be fixed and sent back to you, we can accept returns, however the shipping fee for it to be sent back to you must be paid by you, and we will pay for the return shipping to us ourselves.



Often for return customers or customers who have had issues with an item, we often provide them with a custom discount code. Generally these codes have only 1 use to make sure that they aren't being abused, however orders made with these special codes that are not attached to the customer or customer email that they were given to will be cancelled and refunded.



Two weeks after you place your order, you will receive an automated email asking if you would like to review your order. There are some circumstances in which reviews will be taken down, including:

- Reviews that have been left negatively about a product issue without contacting us first and giving us the opportunity to either fix the issue or refund your purchase. We are a 2-person small business, and we do everything we can to make sure items are in great quality when mailed to you, and to make sure they arrive at that same quality. Sometimes defects occur that we miss, or issues happen in shipping. We want to do everything to make sure you're happy with your purchase! If there is an issue with an order and we are not contacted, we can only assume that one does not want the issue to be fixed by us. Because of this, any reviews about an order issue that we were not contacted about may be taken down. 

- Reviews that are expressing dissatisfaction with the weight or size of earrings. Weight and size are listed on every pair of earrings on our website so people can decide whether a pair of earrings are too large or too heavy for them personally. This information is in the product description of every pair of earrings and it is the responsibility of the customer to check weight and dimensions of the product before purchasing and then leaving a negative review when the weight and size information was available. We understand that during updates people may be rushing to add items to their cart, but the weight and size information is still available on each product after purchase!

- Reviews relating to shipping time, whether positive or negative, as these are unrelated to the product itself and we have no control over how quickly or slowly items arrive. Shipping time and processing time are different, as we are in control of how quickly we ship your order, but we are not in control of how quickly it arrives to you after being shipped. 

- Reviews about not receiving the item after it was lost in shipping, as we have no control over what happens to your item as soon as we ship it, and it does not relate to the product quality itself.

- Reviews left negatively about product information that was already available to the customer. This includes things like a negative review about a product being single sided, only textured on a certain side, or anything relating to the strength of a product. Certain products have product disclaimers that are in bold so that they will not be missed. If a customer does not read this disclaimer, and leaves a negative review for something that is already mentioned in the disclaimer, the review will be deleted. 

- Reviews mentioning that the product looks slightly different than the picture. All items are handmade in batches, and may vary slightly from batch to batch, but are still cohesive with the product photos shown. Any time we make a new batch of an earring and feel the old picture doesn't exactly represent the new product, we take new photos. Sometimes it's for things as small as the color of the crust on toast earrings, but we do this so everyone can get a better idea of what their earrings will look like. Some items may be slightly larger or smaller than in the photo, or have a slightly different shape, which is why on all products we have a disclaimer that weight and size may vary slightly between each pair.

If you have had a negative experience with the shop after contacting us and allowing us the ability to fix any issue you may have and you leave a negative review, it will not be taken down, unless any of the help we offered was rejected entirely. We have not received any negative reviews from customers with issues who have also contacted us allowing them to fix them. We are dedicated to fixing any issues our customers have and we cannot know about any issues with your product if we are not contacted first. Whenever customers do leave negative reviews about issues without contacting us, we always follow up and attempt to fix whatever issue they may have.