Ear Wires

What ear wires should I choose?

On our shop, we offer 3 different types of ear wires to choose from! Here's our suggestions and some information on our ear wires!

925 Sterling Silver

About 925 Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver are the default wires on our shop, and are my personal favorite. 925 Sterling Silver is the purest form of silver for jewelry. The 925 name represents the 92.5% Silver that the wire is made from. The extra 7.5% is made up of other metals, which are generally copper. 

Real 925 Sterling Silver is hallmarked, and you can find that hallmark on all of our wires 925 wires!

Why Choose 925 Sterling Silver Ear Wires

- They're hypoallergenic

- They're easy to take in and out

- They're easy to clean

Why Shouldn't I Choose 925 Sterling Silver Ear Wires

- If you have stretched ears and wear earrings through tunnels, the hook shape of our 925 wires may fall out when being worn

- If you're fairly active throughout the day and worry about your ear wires falling out while out and about. However all of our earrings ordered with 925 Sterling Silver wires come with a rubber stop that you can put on when wearing these wires if you're worried about them falling out!

TIP: 925 Sterling Silver will not only oxidize over time, but can turn black depending on the pH of your skin. Don't worry though! All your wires need are a good cleaning with a silver cleaning wipe or liquid. Make sure any silver cleaner you use works with 925 Sterling Silver. Every couple of months your wires may need a refresh with some cleaner to look good as new!


Stainless Steel Kidney Wires

About Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an iron-based alloy that's used for many things! In our case, it's used for ear wires. Stainless steel does not mean hypoallergenic, however stainless steel is resistant to corrosives and will not rust over time.

Our Stainless Steel Kidney Wires are not in the same hook shape as our 925 wires, but are rather a kidney shape. Kidney wires are one long wire with no closed loop, that have a small hook at the end where the two ends of the kidney wire can close.

Why Choose Stainless Steel Kidney Wires

- If you have stretched ears and wear your earrings through tunnels. Because kidney wires can be closed, they're not likely to fall out of your ear. Kidney wires also have a wider top which can fit well into stretch ears.

- If you're fairly active and worried about your ear wires falling out. For the same reasons they're good for stretched ears, they're good for people who are more active or are worried about their earrings falling out!

- They add length to the earring. Kidney wires extend further past the ear lobe than our 925 wires, which means all earrings attached to kidney wires will dangle slightly lower than with 925 wires. 

Why Shouldn't I Choose Stainless Steel Kidney Wires

- If you have very sensitive ears and would prefer to wear a hypoallergenic wire.

- If you worry about your earring coming off the wire. Because kidney wires have no closed loop to hold the earring, they can move along the wire and fall off when being put in or taken out. Putting the earring back on the wire only takes a few seconds, but for some it can be an inconvenience.


Silver Plated Clip Ons

About Silver Plated Clip Ons

Our Silver Plated Clip Ons are silver plated brass ear wires meant for those without pierced ears. Our clip on wires have lever-backs and are adjustable. Many clip on wires are not adjustable, so if you have a particularly thin or thick ear lobe, they may not fit snuggly. Our Silver Plated Clip Ons have an adjustable screw back which allows you to fit your ear wire to the width of your ear lobe. Because these ear wires are silver plated, over time the plating may wear off and the brass may begin to show through.

Why Choose Silver Plated Clip Ons

- If your normal clip on wires tend to slide off or can't fit your ear lobe, these adjustable clip ons can provide a better fit to your specific ear lobe thickness.

Why Shouldn't I Choose Silver Plated Clip Ons

- This applies to all clip ons, but some of our heavier earrings (5+ grams) may cause the ear wire to slowly move down on your lobe if the wire is not adjusted tight enough, or if you have thinner ear lobes and cannot adjust the wires any tighter.