On the shop, we previously used to do custom orders but we no longer do customs! This includes any earrings that we have previously made that are now out of stock. This is because to save the most time, we make everything in large batches. Making one product only instead of a small batch ends up taking more time and takes away time from other planned restocks, as we generally don't have any down-time between updates and restocks. As soon as the last updates' packages are mailed, we immediately start working on the next one!

If there's any product you've been wanting to see restocked, we do have a rough outline of our New Year restocks here! To avoid missing out during our updates, we suggest making an account with the shop with your shipping and billing address already filled out for faster check out, and setting an alarm! We announce update days and times on the shop once they've been decided, and we also have a mailing list here to let people know about updates! Our mailing list emails only come about once every 2 weeks for update information, so you don't need to worry about spam. Only recently did we start having updates that sold out so fast, and we're still learning how to best deal with this all too!

Thank you for not only having an interest in the shop, but in any custom earrings or restocks! I apologize if there's any earring that you've been wanting to purchase that's been sold out for a while. After about 3 years of running the shop, I found customs to be too stressful to take on, especially when we usually have a strict update schedule.