International Shipping Info

For the past two months, we've had international shipping disabled on the shop due to so many packages going missing. Between covid and the election, our postal service has been very overwhelmed and it was obvious to us that our international packages were not being taken care of. 

We've now added international shipping back to the website, but please understand that covid is still causing slowdowns, and while we do offer USPS shipping, we recommend going with UPS or DHL instead. They are the more expensive option, but if you do have the extra bit to spend on shipping, they are both faster and more reliable. We were initially not going to offer USPS shipping at all, but we understand that not everyone can pay $25-35 to ship a package. 

All orders shipped by us (international or domestic) are now covered with package insurance, so that if your package does still manage to go missing, we can make sure you're covered in full. We've always done refunds for lost packages, but this way we can make sure that nobody ends up in too bad of a spot from a lost package. We build in the cost of shipping insurance into your shipping costs which are automatically generated by the carrier you choose at checkout.



According to UPS, UPS Standard packages headed to Canada must be shipped by the 15th of December to arrive before Christmas Eve. Our shop will be closing on the 10th of December so we can enjoy the holidays, so anything you order before the shop closes should get to you or anyone you're sending a gift to by Christmas Eve!

UPS packages headed elsewhere around the world may take longer and may need to be shipped earlier than this, but we plan for our last shop update to be on December 6th or 7th, which should hopefully be enough time. At checkout you should be given an estimated delivery date as well.

According to USPS, First-Class International packages and Priority Mail International packages must be shipped by the 7th of December to arrive before Christmas Day. Our last shop update of 2020 will either be the 6th or 7th of December, meaning packages will not be shipped until either the 9th or 10th of December. Any international packages we receive for this update will shipped first, but we cannot guarantee before Christmas delivery on First-Class International or Priority Mail International packages.

For Priority Mail Express International packages, the shipping deadline is the 14th of December. If there's anything from our last update that you need delivered before Christmas, and you do not want to ship UPS or DHL, we recommend this service provided by USPS.