How our updates work!


On our shop, about every 2-3 weeks we have an update or a restock! About 1-2 weeks before this update the date and time is announced and generally what should be in the update. The day before the update we lock the site so we can get it ready for the update, changing shop colors, pictures, and getting listings up and ready to go! When the update day and time hits, we unlock the site and everyone can now use it like normal again! There's no password required to get on to the shop on update days, just refresh the page when the update time hits and the shop will be open again!

In the past 8 or so months, we've been really thankful to have updates that go really fast, and cannot thank everyone enough for the support we get on the shop. Because updates tend to go fast, specifically the star items of each update, we recommend setting an alarm and being on the shop right before update time to maximize the chances of grabbing the item you want before it sells out! We also recommend setting up an account on the shop if you haven't already so you can save your billing and shipping info to make checkout faster! You can create an account by clicking on the little icon by the cart that looks like a person, or by clicking here!

Something we plan to do with more popular updates is to have secret updates the day after at an undisclosed time to keep things more slow paced and relaxed. This means that the day after the update, a few items that were taken aside for the original update will be available on the shop! This way there's no set time for the update (though we will mention what times it will be in between so you don't spend all day checking back on the shop) and things are less chaotic!

Because updates can go fast, sometimes people don't have the time to select their ear wires at checkout! We use our 925 Sterling Silver wires as the default because they're our most popular wires, so if you ordered during a busy update and forgot to select wires but want 925 wires - you don't have to do anything, they're always used when no wires are specified! If you selected the wrong wires, or put in the wrong shipping info, just send us an email ASAP so we can correct your order information before we start packing!

Even though some updates may go fast and you may not have the time to read all the product info, the shop stays open until the day before the next update, so be sure to check back and make sure that the weight and size are what you want! All earrings on our shop have this information in the product description!

If you want to be notified the day before or day of our updates, you can join our mailing list! We only ever send out emails right before updates (about every 2-3 weeks) so you don't have to worry about spam. Every now and again we also send out mailing list exclusive discounts!