Holiday Update!

This year's holiday update will be Friday, November 12th at 4PM CST!

This update is going to be fairly large, with Christmas items, holiday/winter items, and restocks of old products for gift giving!

Something important to note is this time of year, USPS get's really bogged down. I'm scheduling this update for as early as I can reasonably have everything together with hopefully enough time!

We now offer UPS shipping on the shop, which is a lot more speedy and reliable during this time of year! Generally if you're in the US, USPS costs around $7 to $8, and UPS will cost around $9 to $10! We factor in the cost of packaging into shipping, and are lowering what we normally add on for packaging costs to the UPS shipping rate to make it more accessible for everyone! I would really recommend ordering with UPS if you can spare the extra $2 or so - I personally only use UPS during the holidays when I'm mailing gifts to my family because they're much less slowed down this time of year!

If you're ordering a gift for someone else, you can add on gift packaging! Because we're making as much as we can for this update, it shouldn't go by as quickly, and we'll have the listing for gift packaging on the home page of the shop to easily add it to your cart! Gift packaging allows you to write a note for the receiver (this will be handwritten), and 'thank you for your order' cards will be removed! Goodie bags will still be included as always, along with packing slips. If you don't like price tags on gifts, don't worry, our packing slips only show the items ordered, not the price! Gift packaging is free, but for $1 you can have the item packed into a black velvet pad gift box

For our holiday update, we're going with a winter wonderland theme! We've got lots of goodie bags, and will have 12 reindeer plushies to go in special orders! Just like Candy Corn Corgis, the top 6 orders will receive a reindeer plush, and 6 random orders will also receive one!

To keep things inclusive, Christmas themed candies like candy canes or Christmas chocolates will only go to orders where Christmas items have been ordered. Orders with only holiday or restock items will receive winter themed packaging!


For Christmas items

We'll have our Pillsbury inspired cookies (reindeer, snowmen, and Christmas trees), gingerbread houses, gingerbread cookies, candy canes, holly bunches, wreaths, and little randomly selected clay gift box earrings!


For Hanukkah and winter items

We'll have dreidel sugar cookies, jelly donuts, snow globes (flat), pumpkin pie, and snowmen ice cream cones!


For restock items

We'll have Nerds rope hoops, Kids Cuisine trays, Lunchable trays, milk cartons (almond and regular), fruit bunches, jumbo eggs and more!


Items in this update will range from $7 to $37, with most items falling between $25 to $27!