Watermelon Compact Mirror
Watermelon Compact Mirror
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Watermelon Compact Mirror

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Hand painted watermelon on a pleather compact mirror. Each mirror comes with two mirrors, one with 1x magnification and the other with 2x magnification!

Weight and size may vary slightly

WEIGHT: 8 grams

WIDTH: 2.75 inches

LENGTH: 2.75 inches

THICKNESS: 0.5 inches

[Visual Description: A hand painted watermelon slice on top of a circular clam-shell compact mirror. The circumference of the mirror is painted a dark green to resemble the watermelon rind, then there is a thin line of white, and the rest of the mirror is painted red to be the fruit itself. There are black seeds in a symmetrical pattern on top of the red. The base mirror is a white pleather material. In the first picture, the mirror is open slightly to show the inside, and still display the outside. The second picture is a head-on shot of the watermelon. The backgrounds are flat white.]