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Mystery Box

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Mystery Earrings Box! Perfect for if you can’t decide on a pair of earrings, or simply just want to be surprised!

Mystery Boxes come in four sizes:

Small - 1 pair of earrings

Medium -2 pairs of earrings

Large- 3 pairs of earrings

Extra Large - 4 pairs of earrings

You can also choose whether the earrings are studs, clip ons, or regular dangly earrings!

Earrings can range in value from $20 to $30, so if you purchase a $20 mystery box, there is the chance of getting a $30 item! All boxes are priced with a $20 per pair of earrings minimum.

Please note: If you are simply unhappy with the earrings you purchased there will be no refunds or returns on those items. The whole point of the mystery box is to get something new and exciting! I apologise if you don’t think your mystery item fits into your style, but that’s what comes with purchasing a mystery box!

[Visual Description: A mystery box. The mystery box is made of cardboard and is white on the outside, and has the top open so the inside is visible. Inside is teal tissue paper wrapped around an earring box (the earring box is not visible), and a white wax stamp of the logo on top of the tissue paper. The background is white.]