Cookie Compact Mirror
Cookie Compact Mirror
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Cookie Compact Mirror

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Handmade polymer clay cookie placed on top of a pleather compact mirror. Because these are handmade, each cookie will be unique and special! Each mirror comes with two mirrors, one with 1x magnification and the other with 2x magnification!

Weight and size may vary slightly

WEIGHT: 15 grams

WIDTH: 2.75 inches

LENGTH: 2.75 inches

THICKNESS: 0.5 inches

[Visual Description: A realistic clay cookie on top of a circular clam-shell compact mirror. The base mirror is a white pleather material. The cookie has chocolate chips throughout and is shaded and textured to look like a real cookie. In the first picture, the mirror is open slightly to show the inside, and still display the outside. The second picture is a head-on shot of the cookie. The backgrounds are flat white.]