Blue Lemon Slice Earrings
Blue Lemon Slice Earrings

Blue Lemon Slice Earrings

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Handmade “realistic” looking blue lemon earrings, made with polymer clay! These blue lemons are translucent in the center just like real lemons. These earrings are textured on the front side to mimic the texture of a real lemon slice, and are flat on the back. They are hand painted as well.

The earrings in the first picture are a size medium. The earrings in the second picture are a size small. 

Weight and size may vary slightly


WEIGHT: 2 grams

WIDTH: 1.5 inches

HEIGHT: 1.5 inches

THICKNESS: 0.07 inches


WEIGHT: 2.5 grams

WIDTH: 2 inches

HEIGHT: 2 inches

THICKNESS: 0.07 inches


WEIGHT: 3 grams

WIDTH: 2.5 inches

HEIGHT: 2.5 inches

THICKNESS: 0.07 inches

[Visual description: Two blue lemon slice earrings. The earrings are 2 inches in diameter, translucent in the center, and are overlapping each other in the box. The blue lemons have 10 segments, 5 on the top and 5 on the bottom, and are symmetrical on each segment line. The earrings are placed in a pink jewellery box with a black velvet pad inside. The background is white.]