How Secret Updates Work

If you've bought during an update recently, you may be familiar with how chaotic they can be! While we're so incredibly thankful that enough people even want our earrings to have them sell out so quickly, we know that it means a lot of people can't grab what they want!

Sometimes on the shop we do secret updates, which are the day after the initial update at a secret time so less people are on the shop all at once! Generally the secret updates are inside a 3 hour period so people know when to check on the shop.

Now of course we don't want y'all to spend a few hours just checking back on the site every 5 minutes during the time a secret update will happen, so we'll only add products on a time ending in :30 or :00 on the dot

If products from a secret update sell out, we'll mention it on the collection page so you know whether or not to continue looking! Secret update items will appear first so they're easier to spot!

Thank you so much for supporting the shop!